African Gift Box (Food)

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African Gift Box™

The Hoorah African Gift Box is not only a collection of locally sourced items. But that’s the start, its real purpose is what comes after. It is a movement for social change, a platform for job creation and skill development that empowers,shares wisdom, stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit and inspires creativity. It is about the transformation of our youth’s potential into tangible opportunities.

It’s about tapping into Africa’s untouched potential.

A box filled with Africa, from handmade jewellery to cosmetics, fashion and crafted arts.

Each Box contains 3 items that fall in their respective categories: The Fashion Box has wearable items as the name implies, it has earrings, necklaces, slippers all handmade items made by local entrepreneurs. The Gift Box also comes with 3 random products in its category. These include:handmade soaps and desk ornaments to kitchenware such as African inspired plates and coffee cups, Shwe Shwe notebooks and beaded keychains of the Big 5.

Each box is unique and made by local entrepreneurs to support local businesses, we are very proud to present the African Gift Box™

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