‘Hoorah’, refers to Hoorah Online (Pty) Ltd, Reg no: 2017/359051/07.

‘Platform’ refers to the functionality that ‘Hoorah’ provides (through to facilitate an environment allowing:

1. Entrepreneurs/Vendors to set up their own online shops

2. Buyers to browse the various online stores and purchase products.

‘Vendors’, refers to any individual or organization that registers with the aim to set up an on-line shop on the platform, to sell its products

‘Buyers’, refers to anybody registering on the platform for the reason of buying products online from any of the Vendor online stores.

‘Partners’, refer to any vendor, financial organization facilitating payments and delivery/courier company working with Hoorah to facilitate the sale of products.

‘On-line store’, refers to any store created by a Vendor and published on the Hoorah platform.

“Personal information’ refers to detail as defined by the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000.


“Free Shipping”, refers to free delivery of products falling within the volumetric and locational restrictions as set by Hoorah.

Hoorah reserves the right to refuse free delivery on any product exceeding the following maximum restrictions:

  • Shipping cost by Hoorah’s shipping partners of more than R200 per parcel.
  • Heavier than 5kg.
  • Larger than 0.005cubic meter.
  • Any area that falls outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Black Friday week free shipping can take up to 20 working days for delivery.


Hoorah facilitates the procurement of products directly from the various Registered Vendors.  Hoorah provides the platform to facilitate these transactions between Vendors and Buyers.  Hoorah is not the buyer or the seller of any of the products advertised or made available on the Hoorah platform.  Hoorah cannot be held responsible for any mistakes with regards to product specification or pricing as advertised by the various Vendors.

Hoorah does not accept responsibility for the quality of the product, but will endeavor to facilitate reasonable dialogue between Vendors and Buyers should a dispute arises.


Hoorah facilitates business, payment and delivery of goods in the Republic of South Africa. Buyers and Vendors should reside in South Africa and delivery will only be made to South African addresses.

Hoorah may at any time and in its sole discretion change, amend or suspend the website or any of the functionality on the site.

PRICING, PAYMENT and VAT (Value Added Tax)

The payment of VAT on the sold products remain the responsibility of the Vendor selling the product and should be included in the price as quoted on the on-line store, in RANDS. (in  allcases where the Vendor is a registered VAT vendor).

Hoorah accepts payments via credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or by direct EFT transfers.  Online Credit Card transactions are facilitated through PayFast (Pty) Ltd.  PayFast provides a secure and encrypted facility to facilitate payment. Vendors and Buyers can go to to view their PayFast’s privacy and encryption policies.

No credit card detail is stored on the Hoorah website.


All items that are drop shipped through Hoorah have the following exceptions:

  • Shipping time may vary as it is done by non-partners and international shipping protocols.
  • Customers will be eligible to pay for import taxes as determined by South African Customs Services. Contact is usually made via SMS or e-mail before the product is dispatched from customs.
  • None of the items are insured by Hoorah and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage of any item whatsoever.
  • Vendors that make use of Hoorah Dropshipping should contact for any enquiries.


Delivery options and costs will be clearly stated at the time of checkout.  Hoorah will facilitate delivery of the package as soon as possible.  The buyer may be contacted to confirm date and delivery of the order.

Hoorah and its partners cannot accept responsibility for any delivery problems resulting from incorrect address detail or telephone numbers (as captured by the buyer).

Any product covered by a warranty will be clearly stipulated by the Vendor on their on-line store.  The Vendor will also take full responsibility for providing and facilitating the return of the product for warranty purposes.  Hoorah provides no warranty on any product sold by any of the vendors.



By creating a Vendor profile and a subsequent On-line store, the Vendor agrees to the terms and conditions of the Hoorah platform as stipulated on

Hoorah agrees to provide the Vendor an environment and platform that will allow the Vendor to create it own on-line store.  Hoorah provides access to a payment facility to facilitate the financial transaction and to a Delivery facility.

Hoorah provides this to the Vendor free of charge.

Registered Vendors agree to pay a 18% commission to Hoorah on the total value of the products bought by Buyers on the Vendor’s on-line store.   This 18% commission should be included in the value/price of the product.  Hoorah may in future revisit and adjust this commission percentage (upwards or downwards).  In such instances, Vendors will be given at least 30 calendar days notice prior to any adjustments made.  Hoorah also reserves the right to enter into specific commission agreements with individual vendors that may differ from the standard 18%.


Vendors agree to the following process to facilitate payments.  When a Vendors’ product is purchased and the payment is succesfully processed, order(s) will be sent through to the vendor via e-mail as well as a notification on the Vendor Dashboard. Simultaneously Hoorah will fulfill the order at the applicable shipping partner and the Vendor will receive the waybill to include with the package being shipped. The Vendor should print the shipping waybill and be ready for next-day collection of the package by the applicable shipping partner. Once the package has been sent, the Vendor should mark the order status as “Complete”. Hoorah will confirm the delivery of the package with the customer. The funds collected for the purchase will be added to the Vendors’ credit on their Dashboard. Vendors may request a withdrawal of their credit 3-business days after Order status has been marked as complete. Hoorah reserves the right to hold back any funds for sales incomplete by the Vendor and will fully refund the Customer after 10-business days of failure to deliver the product to the customer.

Vendor credit withdrawals will be paid via EFT into the bank account details provided by the Vendor. The Vendor will be able to withdraw their sales commission subjected to the following conditions:

  1. The Vendor has successfully completed all orders.
  2. The availible Withdrawal amount equal to or in excess of R50 (50Rand).
  3. In the case of withdrawals of amounts less than R50, Hoorah will grant one withdrawal request per month of amounts less than R50.


The Vendor agrees to accept full responsibility for the products and quality of products sold on the Vendor’s On-line store.

Hoorah reserves the right to remove any store (temporarily or permanently) from the Hoorah platform should it feel that the Vendor is conducting business that is in contradiction with the Laws of the Republic of South Africa.  In such instances, Hoorah will not be responsible for any loss of income incurred by the Vendor.

Vendors may not use the platform to advertise or sell any products that may be deemed defamatory, offensive or unlawful. In such cases, Hoorah can at its own discretion remove any of a Vendors products from the website or even remove the Vendor’s online store.

If a vendor is not a registered VAT vendor, it may not charge VAT on the products advertised.

Vendors remain solely responsible for the fulfillment and the delivery of the products purchased by a Buyer.



Shipping classes can be assigned when adding or editing products. Vendors are requested to double-check shipping classes before publishing products. Shipping classes are set according to weight and dimensions of products by Hoorah and are used to calculate the shipping costs upon customer checkout. The shipping funds are collected by Hoorah and are not sent to vendors. Hoorah ensures that the shipping procedure commences as soon as payment has been verified and the order is put through to the vendor.

Shipping is done through Hoorah Online in partnership with third-party affiliate uAfrica and uses CourierIt, DawnWing and The Courier Guy for rates and deliveries.

Once a product is purchased, payment is confirmed and order is put through to the Vendor. It is the Vendors responsibility to ensure fragile/non-fragile items are packed sufficiently and securely before the shipping company will collect items the following business day. A waybill will be sent through to the vendor upon fulfillment of the shipping which needs to be printed and provided to the courier upon pickup. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT SIGN ANY HAND-WRITTEN WAYBILLS and only make use of waybills provided by Hoorah Online.

Please refer to our infographics for simple illustrations of the shipping procedure.


Only Buyers who are registered users on may transact and buy products from Vendors.  Buyers are responsible for securing their personal username and password and may not disclose their username of password to any third party. All clauses in Customer support documentation is applicable to the accepted T&C’s.

All buyers agree to vendors having at least 7 business days to process any orders which exclude 3 business days for delivery unless indicated otherwise.


Hoorah will store data provided by Vendors and Buyers.  This data will be used to facilitate the execution of a purchase between a Vendor and a Buyer.  No personal data will be passed onto any third parties that may jeopardize the privacy of the buyer or the vendor.

Hoorah will take all reasonable measures to protect the Personal Information of Vendors and Buyers.


Hoorah is not responsible for any incorrect listing errors that may occur on the platform that forms part of incorrect uploads, technical glitches or human error. In the event of incorrect listing of a product, Hoorah will attempt to rectify the issue within reasonable means. If no resolution can be reached, standard refund policy will be applicable where The Buyer will receive a full refund for costs incurred as per the Alternative Dispute resolution Part 6 of the Government Gazette No 25 of 2002.


No Alcohol or Tobacco products may be bought by persons under the age of eighteen years.  It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that he/she adheres to these age restrictions.


Hoorah may at any time and in its own discretion, change or amend any of these Terms and Conditions.


Hoorah will not be liable for any loss or damage that might occur due to the use of (direct, indirect or incidental).


Upon accepting Hoorah T&C’s The Buyer, The Seller and The Platform fully agrees to understand their rights and responsibilities as per the Government Gazette No 25 of 2002: Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002.

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