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Customer Base – Reach hundreds of thousands of Hoorah customers.
Catalogue Creation – Add new products to the Hoorah catalogue using our easy-to-use Seller Portal.
Order Processing – Let Hoorah handle checkout and payment processing.
Fraud Protection – We cover the risk of credit card fraud on your behalf.
Product Placement – Your offers appear where customers make their purchase decisions.
Secure Storage – Your product inventory can be safely stored on arrangement with Hoorah.
Seller Portal – Easily manage and monitor your inventory through our online Dashboard
Coupons and promotions – Easily create your own coupons and vouchers for loyal customers.
Fulfillment & Shipping – We’ll ensure the courier company collects your product from any address , quickly and safely.
Customer Service – Let Hoorah answer all customer contacts and calls.
PriceCheck – Your products will automatically be synced with PriceCheck

The fulfillment process works as follow:
– Customer places an order, the order status is PENDING
– Once payment clears in Hoorah’s account, order status changes to PROCESSING
– Email notification is sent to the vendor (when receiving an order notification, you can have peace of mind that funds have already been received)
– If the product is in stock and ready to be shipped, vendor clicks on COMPLETE ORDER from the Dashboard.
– Waybill gets sent to the vendor, which should be printed and stuck onto product packaging.
– Courier company collects the product the next business day after order status changes from PROCESSING to COMPLETED.

When adding products, it is important to assign the correct shipping classes to these products. Shipping classes are predetermined by Hoorah based on volume & weight. We generate the best possible quotation from all four our shipping partners – DHL, Dawn Wing, Courier IT and Courier Guy. The shipping cost is a fixed price that starts from R49 for our lowest shipping class that can be assigned to a product. This price is paid by the customer upon checkout.

Once the product has been delivered, you will receive a notification that your funds are eligible to be withdrawn. You can also arrange with us for scheduled balanced withdrawals on a weekly/monthly basis if you find it more convenient.

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